• The Snooze System
  • The Snooze System
  • The Snooze System

The Snooze System

Product Description 

Snooooooze system was designed and developed by a multi-disciplined team and brings very special solutions and the final key to 24 hour care, continuing development has seen some very unique answers and we continue to ever evolve the range.

  • Suitable for use with all clients, offering a gentle but firm reminder to remain in the preferred position. 
  • Wide range of pillows and wedges for side-lying and supine (back Lying).
  • Only purchase what you need, not the complete system.
  • Pressure relief crumbed foam (Confor) is used in the cushions.
  • Options of filling choice and the ability to adjust the concentration gives the system truly flexible characteristics, needed very much for clients with low body mass. 
  • All outer covers can be removed and are machine Wahsable at 95 degrees.
  • Covered in Dartex, a waterproof material yet breethable to minimise over heating.
  • Simply fit the mattress cover, align the client in the optimum position then support only where necessary so minimising the cushioning the client is in contact with, therefore reducing the chances of overheating.