Corporate Objectives

  • Develop a template for all products that ensures:
    – adequate training for all ONH staff
    – a smooth flow of information from supplier via ONH to prospective customers.
  • Set a standard for product presentation for all product specialists, to ensure a level of competency among all the staff.
  • Nurture a sense of total responsibility for products, customers, sales figures, among all Product Specialists.
  • Promote a total sense of team spirit and effort amongst all employees.
  • To maximize the potential for all of our product ranges and thus show a commitment to our suppliers.
  • To ensure sharing of information between all team members, i.e. successes and problems. This will ensure that all staff obtains the knowledge of how successes are achieved and also learn from mistakes.
  • To ensure an adequate supply of quality and suitable products to “stay ahead of our competitors”.
  • To continually talk to customers to find out what the market trends are and what products or adjustments to products are required.
  • To analyse our competitors and their products, thus ensuring knowledge of the total market and all of its players.
  • To ensure that standards are maintained in the ethical prescribing of products, i.e. that the product matches the requirements of the client.