Talk Muir Front Page - Fall Edition 2016 - Passy Muir

Talk Muir - Fall Edition 2016

The fall edition of TalkMuir, the official clinical journal of Passy Muir, is out and we are delighted to be featured as their exclusive distributor in Ireland on page 24. Download your copy now at the bottom of this post.

Talk Muir offers essential information to anyone in the tracheostomy and laryngectomy industry. This latest edition is titled the: In-line Ventilator Application Issue and features:

  • Physicians’ Perspective on the Passy Muir® Speaking Valve
  • Evidence Based Support for Using PMV® In-line with Mechanical Ventilation
  • Effects of PMV Use In-line on Communication & Swallowing
  • Speaking Valve Use During Mechanical Ventilation
  • Clinical Hot Topic: VAP

Download your copy now at the bottom of this post.

We are planning to welcome Passy Muir to Ireland for a number of events in 2017 including the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists' Conference in May.

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