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Bathing, Showering & Toileting


Mangar Bathing Cushion

Lightweight and portable, it tucks away easily, ideal if you share the bath with others in your household. Once you’ve pressed the button to lower yourself gently into your bath, you can choose to release the cushion’s air, allowing you to lie back and fully relax. Perfect if you have reasonable upper body stability.

Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Bathe safely with the next step up from our Bathing Cushion in terms of stability and back support. This lightweight, battery-powered option offers the comfort of a high backrest and long seat while still maximizing your leg room, so you relax and take the weight off your joints.

Mangar Surfer Bather Bath Lift

Bathing your child should be a chance to relax, play and strengthen your bond. The Surfer Bather Bathlift encourages this special time by reducing the stress and risk of injury that comes with lifting your child in and out of the bath. Lightweight and portable, you can take it with you on family holidays.

Personal Hygiene

Swash Shampoo

Swash special hair care shampoo and cap provides effortless and efficient washing of patients hair.

Swash Wipes

Washing Without Water. 1 Gold wipe replaces, Soap, Towel, Basin, Water and Lotion.

Swash Shampoo Cap

Will assist with shampooing hair

Swash Platinum Bath Wipes

Wipes for Bathing – washing without water

Shower Shield
Shower with confidence

A simple protective device which allows laryngectomy and tracheotomy patients to shower with confidence.


Etac Edge Shower Stool
A space-saving shower stool

Edge is a height-adjustable, comfortable triangular shower stool that fits perfectly in a corner. Thereby it takes up very little space in the shower. To vary the seat position, the stool can be turned so that a corner faces forward.