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Fall Management


Harvest Safety Wedge Set

The Harvest Safety Wedge Set provides a safe firm sloping barrier to keep the patient comfortably positioned and stable.

Harvest Woburn Bed

The popular Harvest Woburn Profiling bed is the fastest moving member of the Harvest Community Bed Range.  With high quality control systems, excellent build quality and functionality. This bed has 4 profiling sections with the option of trendelenburg. This bed is fully compliant with legislation and particularly suited for use with our Active...

Harvest Folding Full Length Bed Bumpers

The Harvest folding high side bumper covers the entire side (1980 x 550mm) for full protection.

Harvest Two Bar Bed Bumper

This is a snug fitting zip on bumper, designed to fit over wooden siderails with netting between to improve visibility.

Harvest Crash Mats

Harvest Healthcare Ltd manufacture a range of crash mattresses suitable for Nursing Home and Domestic use.  The crash mats are supplied in a variety of standard sizes but can also be customised to suit individual requirements.

Mangar Airflo Plus

Power Source for use with Mangar Products