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Feeding & Swallowing

Dysphagia/Oral Motor Treatment

EMST 150 - Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer

Device helps Parkinson’s patients improve use of swallowing musclesThe EMST 150 is the first calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer designed specifically for individuals who want to enhance their breathing and swallow function. With the EMST 150 you are able to tailor your exercise regime and help achieve results with greater...

IOPI System
Objectively measures tongue and lip strength and endurance.

The IOPI is used in tongue and lip therapy to easily and reliably evaluate the progress of restoring certain functions or recovering from trauma. It is also used for early diagnosis of several diseases and medical conditions and to start oral motor therapy faster in order to...

Kapitex Drink-Rite Cup
Providing safe, controlled flow of fluids

Drink-Rite Cup with handles provides a controlled limited flow of fluid into the mouth with a choice of 5cc and 10cc everytime you tilt the cup. Not suitable for thickened liquids. 

Kapitex Dysphagia Cup

The new and improved design Kapitex Dysphagia Cup is shaped to allow sufficient nose clearance - to empty contents without having to tilt the head back.

Jaw Rehabilitation Programme

The Jaw Rehabilitation Program is used effectively with patients who are delayed in developing oral motor function for biting and chewing skills to co-ordinate vertical movement of the jaw with placement of the bolus laterally to develop symmetrical and repetitive mandibular function for mastication of firmer textures to help transition from...

Kapitex Maroon Spoons

Kapitex Maroon Spoons Adults and children with feeding problems such as poor lip closure, tongue, throat and oral hypersensitivity, will find it easier to use the Kapitex Maroon Spoons.

Kapi Cup

KAPI-CUP These semi-flexible lightweight cups are carefully shaped to encourage safe drinking and swallowing - as the user does not need to tilt the head whilst drinking

Sure Grip Mug

Ergonomically designed, easy to hold, even in small or weak hands. With Sure Grip mugs the user has complete control over the flow of liquid.

Novo Cup

Novo Cup The user is in complete control of the flow rate of fluid by sucking on the spout when the cap plug is in place. This cup is ideal for those with restricted movements of the head and neck