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Mobile Hoists

Molift Smart 150

Etac Molift Smart 150 is designed to be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. It is primarily suitable for use in home care, for travelling or to be easily stored away.

Molift Mover 180

Etac Molift Mover 180 is a compact and Light weight lifter, suitable both in home care and institutional environments.

Molift Mover 205

Etac Molift Mover 205 is a workhorse for frequent and everyday use. It´s an all-round mobile lift for all situations.

Molift Mover 300

With its high lifting capacity of 300 kg (660 lbs), Etac Molift Mover 300 is the ideal solution for hospitals and care facilities with bariatric clients who have frequent and everyday moving and handling needs.

Molift Partner 255

Etac Molift Partner 255 provides an ideal solution for lifting with high complexity situations in acute and critical care areas in both hospitals and care facilities.