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Etac Molift Basic Sling

Etac Molift Basic Sling has the same design as Molift Easy Sling with divided leg support and a medium open cut, but without the padded parts. Molift Basic Sling fits most users and lifting situations in the home care and institutional environment. Without the padding the sling is an alternative when the user is sitting in a moulded seat or...

Etac Molift Basic Full Sling

Etac Molift Basic Full Sling is a full body support sling made of a net polyester material that breathes and dries quickly. It is particularly suitable when the sling is to be left underneath the user in a chair or wheelchair, and for users with musclar or skeletal pain.

Molift RgoSling MediumBack and HighBack

For homecare and institutional environments Molift RgoSling MediumBack and Molift Rgo Sling HighBack are all-round slings that fits most users and hoisting situations in homecare and institutional environments.

Etac Molift Basic Bathing Sling

Etac Molift Basic Bathing Sling is especially made for bathing situations and made of a soft net polyester material. The material breathes well and dries very quickly. The sling is especially suitable when lifting to a shower or bath.

Molift RgoSling Toilet LowBack and HighBack

A flexible sling with optimal functions for toilet situations. Meeting high demands when toileting RgoSling Toilet provides an exceptional trunk support and is secured by double belt-buckles. The flexible leg supports facilitates individual fitting and can be positioned in different ways to accommodate the user’s functions and needs.

Molift RgoSling Amputee MediumBack and HighBack

Narrow opening for increased safety Molift RgoSling Amputee provides the additional support necessary for hoisting and transferring users with impaired muscle tone or amputated limbs.The RgoSling Amputee has an anatomical cut and padding that provides exceptional support through the entire hoist and transfer situation. The leg parts are divided...

Etac Molift Ambulating Vest

Molift Ambulating Vest has a double buckled wide padded belt that distributes pressure evenly over a larger surface. The padded groin straps limit the vest from sliding up and out of position.

Molift RgoSling Ambulating Vest

For gait training, independence or with assistance Secure and comfortable gait training

Etac Molift Easy Paediatric Sling

Cheerful colours characterise Etac Molift Easy Paediatric Slings. The sling is equipped with the unique sliding loop function in the shoulder straps, and balances the weight distribution in every moment of the lift – from lying to sitting position and vice versa.