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Patient Transfer

Harvest Fire Evacuation Sheet

The Harvest Fire Evacuation Sheet is designed to be used in conjunction with standard foam mattresses.  During evacuation the straps are secured round the mattress and patient who is then evacuated to safety.  This sheet features a silicone coated side to aid swift and easy movement of the device across all surface types.  The red...

Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair

Raizer is a battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to almost standing position within a few minutes. Raizer can with ease be assembled and operated by only one assistant and does not require any physical effort, besides a supportive hand.

Harvest Evacuation Sheet for Active Mattress

This Evacuation Sledge is designed to take an active air mattress. In the event of an evacuation the service user is secured to the mattress using the straps on the evacuation sheet and evacuated to safety along with the mattress. Care in selection is needed when purchasing the mattress as not all will fit through a doorway whilst fully...

Etac Transfer Mattress

Immedia TransferMattress facilitates horizontal transfer between two lying positions, such as between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to x-ray table, etc. It can also be used for turning in bed, for instance from “face up” to “face down”.

Etac SupportBelt

Immedia SupportBelt is used to offer support and assistance during mobilization and transfers. The diagonally placed handles allow the caregiver to maintain a more ergonomic grip.

Immedia SatinSheet System is developed to cover many different levels of need. The system can be used for everyone from a user with slightly reduced/impaired mobility that may be able to turn independently in bed, to a user with high need of caregiver assistance.

When the need is increased, the base satin sheet can be...