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Etac Edge Shower Stool
A space-saving shower stool

Edge is a height-adjustable, comfortable triangular shower stool that fits perfectly in a corner. Thereby it takes up very little space in the shower. To vary the seat position, the stool can be turned so that a corner faces forward.

Etac Swift Freestanding Toilet Raiser Seat

Etac Swift Freestanding Toilet Raiser Seat Like other products in the Swift family, this free-standing toilet seat raiser is designed with infection control, functionality and simplicity in mind. Swift free-standing toilet seat raiser is height-adjustable.

Mangar Bathing Cushion

Lightweight and portable, it tucks away easily, ideal if you share the bath with others in your household. Once you’ve pressed the button to lower yourself gently into your bath, you can choose to release the cushion’s air, allowing you to lie back and fully relax. Perfect if you have reasonable upper body stability.

Etac Swift

Swift is a prize-winning series of shower stools/chairs designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. The basic shower stool can easily be transformed to a complete shower chair, depending on the user's needs. Swift comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble without the need for any tools.

Etac Swift Commode

Swift commode facilitates the situation for persons who require a toilet near the bed. It is a modular, height-adjustable chair with detachable padding for the seat and backrests. The pan has a lid with a handle, and is easily removed from above. As with other products in the Swift family, the commode is designed with infection control,...

Etac Clean Shower/Commode Chairs

Etac Clean Shower/Commode Chairs Clean is the new generation of shower/commode chairs - comfortable, secure and easy to use. Every detail on the chair is designed to make the situation easier for both users and carers.

Etac Swift Mobile Tilt & Etac Swift Mobile Tilt 160

Swift Mobile Tilt makes showering and toileting easier and safer for the user. 
Availalbe in Swift Mobile Tilt 160 version - a sturdy chair for heavier users.

Swash Wipes

Washing Without Water. 1 Gold wipe replaces, Soap, Towel, Basin, Water and Lotion.

Swash Shampoo Cap

Will assist with shampooing hair