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The Dementia Chair Rocking stimulates the senses and activates people!

Scientific studies prove: rocking motions reduce symptoms of dementia. The person is more even-tempered and receptive, with reduced anxiety and depression. Smooth rocking motions move the foot, knee and hip joints in a gentle way.

Altitude Care Chair

The ALTITUDE has been designed exclusively for people with limited mobilit It has been entirely for your comfort. Design for people with restricted movements suffering from: paralysis weak/malformed limbs injuries of the joints diseases like heart problems, poor circulation, disturbance of balance, cachexia and old-age illnesses

Thevo AutoActiv - Pressure Ulcer Mattress
A good way to prevent pressure ulcers

Many individuals in need of care suffer from pressure ulcers. Conventional positioning systems are either too hard or too soft for the patients, causing skin irritation to develop into pressure ulcers.

Kato Plus Modular

The Kato Plus seating system is an adjustable, semi bespoke modular seating solution with a proven track record. The Kato offers great value included in the standard package. These features have been developed to improve the cost efficiency and function of the seating system, whilst increasing it's versatility and clinical effectiveness...

Thevo Activ - Pressure Ulcer Active Mattress
“Pressure sores can be avoided!”

Once a pressure ulcer is present, pain management becomes a priority due to the degrees of pain a patient then experiences. People needing a high degree of care often have great pain caused by the pressure of their movement limitations. These individuals need additional movement impulses.

Thevo Flex - Wheelchair User Mattress

Wheelchair users need a mattress that relieves pressure but still provides a firm base to facilitate transfers. The Wheelchair User Mattress combines both characteristics.