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Analogue Dementia Care Day/Night Clock

This clever clock clearly differentiates between day and night-time, allowing those who may become confused to determine whether it is, for example, 8am or 8pm.

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€40.00 (excl. VAT)
Arthur Bear - Musical Teddy Bear
Arthur Bear is a musical teddy bear for improving cognizance and engagement

Comforting and engaging, Arthur combines the profound benefits of targetted music with sensory and tactile feedback and the engagement of something to be cherished and cared for.

Blys Lighting Tablet
The Blys lighting tablet is a sleek, modern light source for the home.

It can be used as a table top illuminator around the home or in the bedroom. As a nightlight it provides a low-level glow which allows un-interrupted sleep, but on waking it provides a focus in a room.

Easy to See Wall Clock

With bold, clear and easy to read digits this high quality analogue wall clock is ideal for users with visual impairments or dementia due to its large clear clock face.

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€41.54 (excl. VAT)
Large Calendar Wall Clock

Ideal for those needing a combined calendar and clock to keep track of the time and the date.

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€237.25 (excl. VAT)
Platzmat - Non-slip table-setting place mat for Dementia
A non-slip table-setting place mat for people with Dementia

Setting the table is a task which is low risk and yet engages with the homebuilding instinct, so strong in many with Dementia. Engagement in these types of tasks are beneficial, and this place mat enables another simple and worthwhile activity promoting self-worth and...

Radio Controlled LCD Digital Calendar Clock

Large digit LCD clock clearly shows time, day of week, date and month as well as showing room temperature.

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€40.18 (excl. VAT)
Simple Music Player for Dementia Green

Based on solid research, people with dementia want to listen to music but are unable to use conventional means because its too complicated to operate. 'Simple Music Player' is designed to overcome these problems and immediately improves quality of life.

The Snooze System

Snooooooze system was designed and developed by a multi-disciplined team and brings very special solutions and the final key to 24 hour care, continuing development has seen some very unique answers and we continue to ever evolve the range.