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Kapitex Maroon Spoons

Kapitex Maroon Spoons Adults and children with feeding problems such as poor lip closure, tongue, throat and oral hypersensitivity, will find it easier to use the Kapitex Maroon Spoons.

Kapi Cup

KAPI-CUP These semi-flexible lightweight cups are carefully shaped to encourage safe drinking and swallowing - as the user does not need to tilt the head whilst drinking

Novo Cup

Novo Cup The user is in complete control of the flow rate of fluid by sucking on the spout when the cap plug is in place. This cup is ideal for those with restricted movements of the head and neck

Your partner in effective rehabilitation

The Ora-Light ® System aids the therapist to target and maximize rehabilitation outcomes of patients with oral motor deficits.

Neater Eater

The Neater Eater, eating aid, is designed to enable people to use their own movements to feed themselves.