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Night Positioning

C&S T Rolls

The T-Roll is used to control the position of the body in supine lying. The standard rolls have a CMHR foam filling and are available with a soft-texture “Terry” cloth or a waterproof cover.

T Rolls

T Roll is designed to aid the carer in the control of patient posture, as with all our other positional aids these products are designed by the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability and are intended for patients with neurological impairment.

The Snooze System

Snooooooze system was designed and developed by a multi-disciplined team and brings very special solutions and the final key to 24 hour care, continuing development has seen some very unique answers and we continue to ever evolve the range.

Bed time - often a nightmare

Many children with special needs have sleep disorders or disturbances, affecting parents and other family members.

ThevoSleepingStar A
For sensory Input

Children with severe motor limitations need additional movement impulses Severely immobile children or children in coma vigil need additional movement impulses. A balanced ratio between relaxation and movement provides restorative sleep. In addition, risk of pressure ulcers is minimized.

Qbitus Cushions

Pressure Relief Cushions