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Pain Relief

Pain Relief Products

Thevo Relief - Pain Care

Lasting pain relief during the night.

Thevo Activ - Pressure Ulcer Active Mattress
“Pressure sores can be avoided!”

Once a pressure ulcer is present, pain management becomes a priority due to the degrees of pain a patient then experiences. People needing a high degree of care often have great pain caused by the pressure of their movement limitations. These individuals need additional movement impulses.

Whatz-It Pain Indicator for Autism and Stroke

A tool to support non-verbal communication in the hospital for people with autistic spectrum disorders or stroke.

Allay Menstrual Pain Relief

At last, relief from menstrual pain. A safe, drug-free and clinically proven solution to menstrual pain and discomfort.

Allay® is an award winning drug-free micro medical device that uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to reduce menstrual pain and discomfort. Allay® is a wafer-thin, discreet, lightweight, and comfortable and is designed to...

RecoveryAX Recovery Postoperative Pain & Edema

The RecoveryRx® medical device provides a safe and cost-effective pain management therapy for medical professionals. 

Smart Insole Heal Pain Relief

The ultimate heel pain solution is finally here. Due to the lack of effective and available heel pain treatment options, the Smart Insole™ was developed to treat heel pain at the source to provide long-lasting relief and accelerated recovery. The Electro-Pulse technology is clinically proven to reduce heel pain caused by conditions such as...