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Pressure Care


Qbitus Cushions

Pressure Relief Cushions

Qbitus Community Care Gel Cushion

The Community Gel is a bi-directional product that is almost impossible to fit incorrectly, a major advantage to the busy carer, vulnerable client and concerned clinician.

Qbitus Pudgee Pressure Cushion

A unique load distributing foam supported by a high grade Reflex Foam, and finished with a thin layer of comfort foam providing a natural thermal break. Comes as standard with a vapour permeable thermo plastic liner for extra protection and extended durability.

Qbitus Q-Care Cushions 1 & 2

A new range of high performance seating compontents, based on the original and highly regarded Q-Care cushion.

Qbitus Sunmate Pressure Cushion

Manufactured using organic material from renewable and sustainable resources and low or toxic free chemical ingredients. Sunmate is a technically advanced memory foam with unique qualities; it is high load bearing, light in weight and temperature stable whilst remaining soft to the touch. It gently forms around the bony prominences to cushion,...