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Moulded Seating

Moulded Seat Inserts

Moulded Seat Inserts (MSI) MSI's offer simplistic solutions, great accommodation, optimum support and correction coupled with ease of maintenance and a lightweight package.

Carved Seating
Contoured seating, the concept:

A seating device that is designed to accurately contour to the postural profiles of the client, whilst offering the required levels of: Support, Correction, Accommodation and Comfort (pressure and temperature)


Vakuform products represent a unique combination of vacuum technology using highly flexible, skin friendly neoprene material. Thus it is possible to adjust the material in an optimum and uncreased way even for extreme body shapes. Adding of air the pad gets soft and fits to the body shape dynamically. After vacuuming a strong cushion shape is...

Kato Plus Modular

The Kato Plus seating system is an adjustable, semi bespoke modular seating solution with a proven track record. The Kato offers great value included in the standard package. These features have been developed to improve the cost efficiency and function of the seating system, whilst increasing it's versatility and clinical effectiveness...