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Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy


Buchanan DeltaNex

Buchanan®DeltaNex With all the benefits of the Buchanan® Protector but featuring an alternative touch-to-close fastening system. Team with DeltaNex cravats to provide a fashionable cover.

Buchanan Bibs

The Buchanan® bib is a protective bib for neck breathers. It is similar in design and function to the Deltanex® bib. The special foam insert ensures effective filtering, warming and humidification of the inspired air.

Buchanan Lite Protectors

High quality laryngectomy & tracheostomy protectors delivering proven filtration and heat moisture exchange benefits. Buchanan® Lite - Combining essential airway protection and comfort!

Kapitex Laryngofoam

Kapitex Laryngofoam filters offer the laryngectomy lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive protection.The filters warm, moisten and filter the incoming air and can be applied in seconds.


Trachi-Wipe: Alcohol free, no sting, skin protection Trachi-Wipe skin wipes have been specially formulated for neck breathers to help protect the skin around the stoma and tube site from secretions.


Trachi-Hold Tube Holders have been designed for ease of use and comfort. Using flexible and soft materials the skin area on the neck is kept free from soreness and discomfort.

Trachi-Hold is easy to use and fully adjustable enabling secure and comfortable positioning of the tracheostomy tube. The two piece neckband is produced from a...

Trachi-Mist Spray

Trachi-Mist Atomiser Spray BottleA handy sized spray bottle – suitable for purse or pocket.

Romet Covers

Romet Cover Casual Confidence!

  • Touch to close fastenings
  • Classic Italian design
  • 100% mercerised cotton.
  • Breathable.

The Romet Covers are high quality garments, produced from 100% mercerised cotton, designed to allow quick access to the stoma.


Trachi-Swab cleaning swabs are ideal for cleaning all plastic and silicone tracheostomy.