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Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy


Buchanan Airway Protectors

Buchanan® Airway Protectors The Buchanan® Protector is more than just a neckworn cover. It is a serious medical device designed to provide filtration and deliver efficient heat and moisture exchange to the patient.

Buchanan delivers unique benefits to neck breathers through effective product design and material composition - the crucial...

Cleaning Swabs

Trachi-Swab Cleaning Swabs are ideal for cleaning all plastic and silicone tracheostomy.

Available in three sizes.

Voiceline Brushes

Prosthesis Cleaning Brushes. A simple yet essential tool for the cleaning of any leading brand of voice prosthesis.

Shower Shield
Shower with confidence

A simple protective device which allows laryngectomy and tracheotomy patients to shower with confidence.

Deltanex Cravats

Smart and fashionable protection The DeltaNex Cravat allows the wearer to have the benefit of the Buchanan DeltaNex protector and the confidence of smart relaxing neckwear.

Tracheostomy Tube Cleaning

Tracheostomy Tube Cleaning Cleaning Brushes Kapitex Cleaning Brushes are used to ensure that the outer and inner tubes are kept free of dry mucus and debris.

Handheld Cuff Pressure Device

This device helps clinicians to prevent damage to tracheal mucosa by monitoring cuff pressures on tracheostomy tubes.


Do you ever find that replacement inner cannulas get lost? Where do you store/clean your spare inner cannulas? The Trachi-Case is a useful aid to keep the patients Tracheostomy requisites together.