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Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy


Tracoe Comfort

Tracoe Comfort.a range of comfortable, flexible and safe uncuffed tubes, ideal range for long term use the Tracoe comfort is a long term tracheostomy tube. Tracoe long term tracheostomy tubes from Kapitex are designed to provide the wearer with a comfortable, flexible and safe uncuffed tube. Tracoe tubes come in a wide variety of styles and...


Silver Negus Tracheostomy Tubes with built-in speaking facility and introducer without fenestration The standard British silver tracheostomy tube. Made from 100% sterling silver.

Tracoe Twist

Tracoe Twist at last, a tube you and your patients can feel comfortable with! The Tracoe-twist tracheostomy tube provides several major design features not offered by other manufacturers.

Tracoe Experc

The Tracoe experc set consists of a sterile basic set containing all necessary instruments for percutaneous tracheostomy and a sterile tracheostomy tube with atraumatic inserter

Tracoe Mini

Tracoe Mini neonatal & paediatric tracheostomy tubes specially developed for newborn, infants and children.
The Tracoe mini Tracheostomy tubes are the latest in design and offer the widest range of sizes available.

Tracoe Vario

TRACOE vario a new milestone in tracheostomy, TRACOE vario, a soft, flexible tube with variably adjustable neck flange. The TRACOE vario Tracheostomy tube provides the clinician with answers to difficult airway problems

Kapitex Laryngectomy Tubes

Kapitex Laryngectomy Tubes Kapitex are pleased to announce the introduction of our own brand of Laryngectomy Tubes.

Trachi-Mist Spray

Trachi-Mist Atomiser Spray BottleA handy sized spray bottle – suitable for purse or pocket.

Fenestration Punch

The fenestration punch allows the placing of fenestrations (small holes) into the Trachi-Naze Plus Stoma Studs and Kapitex silicone Laryngectomy Tubes.