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Manual Wheelchairs

Etac Cross

A cross folding wheelchair that offers a rare combination of comfort and function. Cross has numerous adjustments, possibilities, options and accessories to enable individual solutions for different needs.

Etac M100

Etac M100 wheelchair is created with feeling, consideration and simplicity. This is a wheelchair with unbeatable comfort and safety; the padded upholstery offers pleasant, comfortable seating and the square cross-brace provides additional stability.

Qimova Comfort Wheelchair Image 1

The Qimova Comfort Chair comes in all sizes and configurations and can be designed to fit
the exact measurements of almost all users. The result is outstanding seating and posture
support and a feeling of great comfort.

Etac Next

Etac Next Wheelchair Next is the introductory to the new generation of cross-folding wheelchairs. We have developed a wheelchair that simplifies the assessment proceedure and thereby assures a better seating comfort for the user without compromising on the functions.

Greencare DB1

Double Brace Aluminium Wheelchair with added strength for those weighing up to 31 stone.

Paediatric Wheelchairs


Birba Multifunctional wheelchair.

Frog Wheelchair

Frog Modular Wheelchair Power chair, fixed frame.

Lightning Pushchair

The Stealth Lightning offers a lightweight adaptive stroller for children who require mild to moderate seating and positioning needs. Unlike other special needs stroller, the Stealth Lightning takes the functionality of a pediatric mobility base and incorporates it into a durable, rugged design that is easy to fold and lightweight.


MODULAR WHEELCHAIR Power chair, fixed frame. Electrical tilt-in-space of the seat, which can also be adjusted in depth from cm 28 to cm 40.