Thevo pressure relieving mattress

Our lady Molly was admitted from hospital to our care with a grade 3 cavity pressure ulcer on her coccyx bone. Her bony prominences on her shoulder, elbow and ankles were red but the skin was intact. This lady weighed 45kg.

Initially we nursed Molly on an alternating mattress but her bony prominences remained red and the skin around her wound became red.

O Neill Healthcare provided us with a Thevo pressure relieving mattress for Molly.

Within 24 hours, all the bony prominences had returned to a healthy colour and the skin area around the cavity wound returned to a healthy pink colour.

Two weeks later, the cavity wound has decreased by 1 cm and appears healthy.

Three weeks later, the cavity wound continues to decrease in depth and the skin around the wound edges is healthy and the circumference of the wound has decreased by .5 cm.

Molly is getting a great night’s sleep with her new mattress. There is no motor, therefore, no settings on the motor for the staff to monitor and no trailing flexes under the bed.

From my experience, Thevo is the way forward.

Director of Care
Galway Nursing Home